Our mission:

Accelerate the world's progress toward the mass adoption of e-mobility.

Overcoming the obstacles to e-mobility.

Founded in 2014, GBatteries is creating safe next-generation energy storage products.
Operating at the intersection of artificial intelligence, electrochemistry, and signal processing, GBatteries is building the future of intelligent,
high-energy-density batteries.
Our goal is to pave the way for a sustainable future, innovating battery technology that will rapidly accelerate the mass adoption of electric mobility, from land to air.

Backed by world class investors and funding agencies.


Developing best in class intelligent battery management system, drastically improving Li-ion battery performance

GBatteries developed and demonstrated intelligent battery management technology enabling off-the-shelf Li-ion batteries to up to 10x faster without compromising cycle life.

Same batteries, same product, GBatteries charge protocol.


Deploying battery technology making all-electric aircraft, cars, and the future of e-mobility a reality

The optimal mix of performance: high energy density, long life, low production cost, and ultimate safety.

High Energy

2x higher density than conventional Li-ion batteries

Long Life

Reduction of irreversible degradation mechanisms


Real-time and predictive safety analysis within battery

Low Cost

Utilizing conventional Li-ion materials and processes

Electric flight

Electric vehicles

Future of mobility

Enabling longer-range, lower-cost, and safer electric mobility.

Our intelligent Li-metal batteries provide superior performance and value, enabling many improvements over conventional Li-ion battery technology.


longer range than Li-ion, enabling worry free roadtrips up to ~650 miles and the possibility of electric flight.


faster charge capability than Li-ion, providing the ability to charge in 15 min rather than 1+ hours.


lower cost than Li-ion, a key to advancing the transition to electric mobility from land to air.


cycles, providing long enough battery life to last ~200,000 miles, enabling sustainable transporation for a lifetime.

Vertically integrated

We develop complete battery solutions, scaling bare metal and software models to cells and packs, deploying within land and air electric vehicles

We're GBatteries

Building the future together, one battery at a time.

Empower the transition to clean energy

If you believe in our mission of accelerating the mass global adoption of e-mobility, we'd love to hear from you.
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