Advancing beyond Li-ion with Li-metal

Li-ion battery technology is at its limit.

To achieve cost parity with gasoline-powered vehicles, current batteries need to be lighter, hold more energy, and surpass their fundamental limitations.

Our intelligent
Li-metal batteries

By incorporating an intelligent, adaptive battery management system within the cell structure, we ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of each battery. The outcome is a reliable, high-performing battery solution that offers exceptional value for all applications in electric mobility.

The optimal mix of performance to enable all e-mobility

< 15 minutes

Fast Charge

Charge quickly, with up to 4x faster charging than conventional Li-ion batteries.

450+ Wh/kg

High Density

and 1000+ Wh/L. With up to 2x higher energy density than conventional Li-ion batteries.

500+ cycles

Safe, Long life

Intelligent algorithms to mitigate failure mechanisms impairing safety and cycle life.

At the forefront of adaptive battery technology


battery cells

tested, encompassing different Li-ion chemistries and form factors for various end applications
50 billion+

data points

acquired to date, utilized to develop our Intelligent Battery Management System
9 years +

of research

and development in adaptive battery charging technology


granted and pending, composed of several patent families with global coverage

Enabling ultimate safety & performance

Peak performance with uncompromising safety is achieved by integrating smart adaptive battery management with each Li-metal battery cell.

Preventing Dendrite Formation

The solution is intelligent battery management.

Our intelligent battery management system ensures reliable performance and predictable battery health for Li-metal batteries by actively reducing irreversible internal damage.

Unsafe Dendrite Formation

Li-metal batteries can be unstable.

Conventional charging leads to formation of dendrites, which can grow from one electrode to another, causing rapid degradation or catastrophic failure.

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