without compromising cycle life.
Electric Vehicle charging at gas station


Accelerate the global mass adoption of electric vehicles. By eliminating the final barrier preventing people from buying electric vehicles — charge time — our goal is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by internal combustion engines.


Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, by eliminating the final barrier of charge time and enabling electric vehicles to charge as fast as it takes to fill a tank of gas.

Our goal is to improve the Earth’s climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by internal combustion engines, so that we can deliver the planet to future generations in a better state than it is in now.


We're contributing to a healthier planet by helping to replace internal combustion engines with electric vehicles. 

Climate change is the biggest threat facing the future of humanity. The United Nations recently reported that greenhouse gas emissions have doubled since 1980, and that a primary cause is the burning of fossil fuels from internal combustion engines.

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We're pioneering an AI-based technology capable of ultra-fast charging lithium-ion batteries without compromising cycle life, which is typically the issue when a battery is charged fast.

We have filed 45 patent applications, with 11 patents granted and 28 pending.  

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GBatteries is an advanced BatteryTech company that is revolutionizing the way batteries are charged.

Our customers are leading automotive and electronics manufacturers. Our investors include Airbus Ventures, Initialized Capital, Plug and Play, SV Angel, Y Combinator, and other private investors.

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One hour isn’t what we call fast. We’re pioneering technology that will enable electric vehicles to charge in minutes, not hours.