Full-service solution for custom battery charging algorithms

GBatteries optimizes performance for any off-the-shelf Li-ion battery. Our team can develop a custom charging algorithm specific to your product’s needs, maximizing battery performance within your specifications.

Reduce deployment lead time
Maximize product performance
Minimize research and development costs
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Fully optimize battery performance within your system constraints

There are many questions and decisions required when developing a battery system for a specific application. GBatteries provides an optimized solution addressing topics such as:

  • Which cell technology is most suitable for a specific application?
  • What operational strategy extends the lifetime of the battery?
  • Which charging approach will optimize battery performance?
  • How can a fast charging method be utilized on this cell?
  • How can safety be guaranteed within this system?

Custom charging solutions tailored for your product's needs

Utilizing our team's 8 years of advanced charging protocol development, we work closely with your team during the battery system development process to build the optimal charging solution for your product – without the hassle of years of experimentation and development.
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Fast Charging Capabilities Achieved by GBatteries:

The leader in battery charging protocols

Founded in 2014, we've partnered with world class investors, leading automotive and consumer electronics OEMs, and featured in publications including BNN Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Axios, and Cleantech.com
1k+ battery cells

Tested for algorithm development, including various chemistries and form factors

8+ years

Of advanced research and development in battery charging technology

33B+ data points

Acquired by our test lab, powering the creation and application of our charging algorithms