Electronics Engineering Technician


GBatteries was founded six years ago to tackle one of the world’s most pressing issues: the transition to a cleaner future through electrification. We are pioneering battery technology which enables ultra-fast charging of Li-ion batteries without compromising battery life — and without changing the battery’s chemistry or manufacturing process.​ Ultimately, our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

We are working on some of the biggest challenges in energy storage, and are looking for the right people to join us as we develop our technology and continue to scale.

As a Electronics Engineering Technician on our Development team, you'll be responsible for deploying, servicing and managing all hardware currently deployed in the on-site GBatteries testing facility. You'll have the opportunity to assemble state-of-the-art test platforms and associated components, and successfully install, configure, calibrate, and deploy them on-site. You'll be the main touch point for the debug and rework of any faulty units.

This role is integral to the successful operation of our testing facility, and as part of that you'll be working closing with the research team to allocate appropriate resources in the lab for all tests, and assist and provide input to the embedded design team during the development of new test platforms - including mechanical design.

You’ll join a small but growing engineering team where everyone—including you—is striving to constantly improve their knowledge and cares about creating dependable products. While we are still growing and have plenty to do, we are incredibility supportive of each other and pitch in to support our peers when problems arise.


We've not set it in stone, however our preferred salary range for this position is $52,000 - $78,000.


Must haves:

  • 5+ years of experience working in an electronics test lab environment:

        - Strong experience using standard laboratory equipment, such as power supplies, multimeter, oscilloscopes, etc

         - Knowledge and awareness of safety procedures applicable to an electronics lab

  • Strong electronics rework skills:

         - Ability to solder small-feature SMD components (passives down to 0402, ICs up to high-pin-density QFP) using soldering irons

         - Experience reworking no-lead packages and high-density QFP pins using a heat gun

         - Experience doing “prototyping mods”, such as cutting traces, drilling PCB, Installing jumper wires, etc

  • Ability to interpret and understand electronics schematics
  • Experience with hardware integration/mechanical assemblies
  • Ability working with machine tools, such as drill presses, rotary tools (“Dremmels”), small band saws, etc

Nice to haves:

  • Experience making 3D models in CAD software (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor)
  • Experience in developing test scripts using Python


  • Work with the embedded and test team to facilitate the use of GBatteries’ in house test lab.
  • Get familiar with the main test platforms deployed in the laboratory.
  • With assistance and supervision, start smaller-scale failure root-cause analysis, modifications and other work on the battery test platforms.


  • Support the other team member using the laboratory equipment, preparing the platforms for testing and updating the lab’s inventory.
  • Service all the different test platforms used by the company, with help from the embedded team as needed.


  • Become the in-house technical reference and contact for all matters related to the laboratory’s daily operation.
  • Work with the software and embedded team to help develop and adopt improvements to the lab’s equipment, infrastructure and tools.
  • Lead the efforts on root-cause analysis for in-lab equipment failures, based off of previous success in debugging the boards.
  • Assist in building thorough and well-documented processes for operation in the lab.


  • Assist new hires in fulfilling lab-related tasks, as well as educating others regarding the specifics of the laboratory’s operations.
  • Provide your expert’s opinion on ways to improve operations in the lab (inventory management, request pipeline, sourcing of equipment, safety procedures, etc.).


We are working on many exciting projects towards our ultimate goal of breaking down the final barrier preventing the adoption of electric vehicles; range anxiety. We’re a growing company working with some of the largest manufacturers in the world, and there’s still a huge amount to do. You’ll be able to see the impact of your work from day one, and have the opportunity to see the final effect on real world products. We encourage unconventional thinking, and seek resilient problem solvers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Of course, we also offer other great benefits:

​Inclusive parking, full dental and health coverage, a renovated and spacious office, fridge and pantry filled with drinks and snacks, and regular weekly social events. We’re conveniently located near the 417 highway with easy access via major public transit routes, right beside a small park and an assortment of shops and restaurants.


Is the idea of enabling the global mass adoption of electric vehicles exciting to you? We’d love to hear from you! To apply please include a short message addressed to Henry Rearden within the application below; no cover letter necessary. If you have any questions, or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out to Vlad Belov on LinkedIn.

We particularly value diversity, and we know that experience comes in many forms. If your unique experience is close to what we’re looking for, please still consider applying.

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