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April 11, 2022

Imagining the behind the scenes work at a battery technology startup can be difficult. It could look like a bunch of scientists making batteries in a glove box, developers debugging swiftly with full focus, engineers working on their latest board design, or technicians repairing lab equipment.

At GBatteries, a typical workday could look like any of these or even none.

With our hybrid-remote work structure, a day of work at GBatteries can look very different for every single person. Our priority has been to provide an environment where everyone on our team can choose the best environment for themselves to work from - whether it be from our office, their home, a coffee shop, or even somewhere abroad.

Everyday we are working on new things in different ways, yet we're keep to be mindful of up-keeping our culture no matter the location. We recognize that it will continuously change but we’re proud to share some of the main aspects of how we work below.

Flexibility matters

We are committed to doing what is best for GBatteries by prioritizing our wellness. That is why we have setup:

  • Minimum vacation days
  • No counting of sick days
  • Flexible working hours
  • Open working conditions

For us, it is important to foster the best working environment for every team member. Putting in your best work requires focus and good brain fuel (overnight oats anyone?). That is why being flexible with policies and working conditions allows our team to have the ability to choose their best working environment (especially for those who work in-person) under their ideal conditions.

Flexibility also extends into our mindset at work. With our planet getting warmer everyday due to climate change, the need to improve battery performance is critical. That is why we are always open to new ideas and approaches at GBatteries. We believe our success has come (and will always come) from welcoming new ideas from anyone and testing it as fast as we can.

Lean mindset

Testing as fast as we can means that we focus on being lean with our execution. We always approach new ideas by creating and testing out a MVP - minimum viable product.

By focusing on high priority requirements while executing with the least amount of waste, we enable new ways to improve any facet of our product and organization while encouraging our team to pursue different ideas and projects.

“GBatteries encourages everyone to contribute their unique ideas from Day 1. Since we are free to share ideas in all areas of the company, we have defaulted to staying lean. The leaner we are, the more opportunities we get to share high quality ideas with our team.” – Cassidy Paulite, Operations Manager

Foster curiosity

New ideas come from asking questions. How did you do that? Why did you do that? Why do we do it that way? Can we try a different way?

At GBatteries, we always want to keep people curious. It allows our team to question what has been or is being done and envisioning new and potentially, better ways it can be done. That is why we welcome our team to pursue their own curiosities by creating their own side projects and giving them a platform to share their findings. (But no open mic nights… yet)

It also encourages our team to bring themselves to work. We want our team to feel welcome from day one and fostering curiosity allows us to reinforce that we celebrate diversity of thought and want our team to feel like they are bringing not just their ideas, but themselves to the table.

Default to collaboration

From Ph.Ds to recent graduates to current students, we are all excited to help our team flourish by listening and sharing ideas.

“GBatteries fosters a culture of collaboration and humility. Collaboration is key to the success of a company involved in hardware and software, physics and chemistry. Employees from different parts of the organization often work together to achieve goals that cross team boundaries. We troubleshoot together, and we plan for the future of the company together.”– Johann Tienhaara, Software Architect

At one point, we loved collaborating so much that we were always in meetings but that had to change. (Phew! Meeting burnout is real) So we found new, asynchronous ways to collaborate such as virtual whiteboards, comment threads, and wiki pages to enable our team to have the flexibility to collaborate at any time without sacrificing their valuable time.

This also extends into collaboration through feedback. Anonymous feedback platforms like, form builders like Microsoft Forms, or putting your “hand up” in a meeting is an extension of collaboration by empowering transparency of thought in a safe, non-judgemental way. Creating safe spaces for feedback protect our culture of collaboration and encourage our teams to do the same, no matter where they go.

In summary...

At our core, our team at GBatteries can be described as a group of MVPs (most valuable player this time). We are authentic, innovative, and personable people that puts in our best work with our best foot forward to achieve our vision – improving batteries to build a sustainable future.


If you are looking to join the team, feel free to browse our Careers page.

If you don’t see an open role for you, don’t worry. Feel free to apply to our General Application so we can get the conversation started.

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