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March 18, 2021
A First Hand Look at the GBatteries Hiring Process
We’ve expanded our team by nearly 50% since mid-2020. In January 2021, I joined GBatteries as a Test Specialist. As one of the newest team members, I felt like I was in a great position to share more details about my experience with our recruiting process - from applicant to GBattizan!
February 16, 2021
How Mark Porter Moved From a Co-op to a Full-time Software Developer
When Mark first started his role at GBatteries, he didn't anticipate that it would turn into more than just a co-op role. We used this Q&A as a chance to learn a bit more about what remote work at GBatteries is like, and what has made Mark choose this to be his first full-time role out of university.
January 14, 2021
Meet Julien Girard, GBatteries' Hardware Lead
Julien joined GBatteries as a Junior Hardware Engineer a few years back, and quickly grew within the team to a leadership position as a Hardware Lead. We spoke with him about his experience joining the team, the projects we're working on, and why he thinks now is a great time to join GBatteries.
April 22, 2021
About Inside GBatteries
Job searching used to be a lot more straightforward. Find openings at your favourite job board, send out your resume, go in for a few interviews, and accept an offer at a company that seems suitable. The world is changing, and so are our expectations for jobs and the companies behind them.